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El-Bakri, Asma

(1947 - )

Born in Cairo,
Egypt, in 1947, El-Bakri attended boarding school in Alexandria. She graduated in the French department of Alexandria University in 1970. Asma el-Bakri has directed 18 documentaries and a number of feature films. Her documentaries are on a variety of topics, ranging from the sources of the Nile to the Greco-Roman Museum in Alexandria, and Cairo in the Ayyubid and Fatimid periods, the local marble industry, and Nile boats. Sonallah Ibrahim and Gamal El-Ghitani are two of her favorite Egyptian writers. She also admires director Mohamed Khan who, she says, "a genius when it comes to exterior location shooting and has a sense of the Egyptian street.”

Her feature films:

• La Violence et la dérision, 2003
• Concerto fi darb saada, 1998
• Shahadoun wa Noubala, (Beggars and Noblemen), 1991
• Drop of Water, 1979