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Hetata, Atef

(1965- )

Born in Egypt in 1965, Hetata lives in the United States.

His films:
• Al Abwab al Mughlaqa (The Closed Doors), 1999. Best Film Youth Award, Jury Prize, Montpellier, 1999.
• Aroussett el nil (The Bride of the Nile), 1993
• Violon (Violin), 1991
• Salut Barbes, 1991

Synopsis: Al Abwab al Mughlaqa takes place in Cairo between September 1990 and July 1991. Mohamad is a teenager teetering on the brink. He is a naive and sexually curious young man, intrigued by women, including his mother. He is also considering religious fundamentalism, and the notions of desire are frowned upon. This personal conflict drives the film.