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Abourahme, Dahna

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Dahna Abourahme is a media artist and activist. Originally from Acre and Bethlehem, Abourahme grew up in Amman, Dubai, and Beirut. She received an MA in media studies at the New School for Social Research. Abourahme teaches video to youth in New York City and Palestine and has been involved in several community art projects. Abourahme has done sound recording for several documentaries and short films, including 500 Dunam on the Moon, and Travelogue: Palestinian Landscape. Her works include: Palestinian from Brooklyn; Water, Sand and Burning Wood, and Blue Flickers.

until when... is her first feature.

Synopsis: A documentary that follows four Palestinian families living in Dheisheh Refugee Camp near Bethlehem during the second Intifada: a 13 year-old boy who cares for his 4 younger brothers; a close-knit family who pass on the lessons of life with humor and passion; a single woman who endures long commutes to do community work; and a young couple trying to shield their daughter from the harsh realities of the occupation. They talk about their past and discuss the future with humor, sorrow, frustration and hope.