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Musleh, Hanna

(1954- )

Palestinian filmmaker, Musleh was born in Beit Jala. There he attended a Maronite School, then went on to study at Leningrad State University in Russia. He graduated with a degree in Anthropology. He received an MA at Granada Center in Manchester, England with a degree in Visual Anthropology. Musleh then returned to Palestine and has worked as a professor at Bethlehem University since 1980 where he has taught cultural studies and currently teaches Film Language.

His first short film was called Sahar’s Wedding (1991), and dealt with arranged marriages in Il Khader, a small village outside of Bethlehem. He made many documentaries, each film dealing with different issues of Palestinian society. His films focus on Palestinian culture in particular, and to show the human side of the Palestinian people.

• In the Spider’s Web, 2004
• History Uplifts Men, 1995
We are God’s Soldiers, 1993
• Sahar’s Wedding, 1991