Communication from the British Government to the King of Hejaz (February 1918)

February 8, 1918 


[The text of the original communication has often been reproduced in the Arabic Press  from a photostat copy supplied by the late King Hussein. The original communication was in Arabic, this version is the rendering of G. Antonius.] 


The Acting British Agent, Jedda to King Husain


Jedda February 8, 1918 


Complimentary titles.


I am directed by His Britannic Majesty's High Commissioner (Sir Reginald Wingate, High Commissioner for Egypt)  to forward to your majesty the text of a telegraphic message which His Excellency has had form the Foreign Office in London for transmission as a communication form His Britannic Majesty's Government to Your Majesty. The text is verbatim as follows: 


Begins.  The loyal motives which have prompted your Majesty to forward to the High Commissioner the letters addressed by the Turkish commander-in-chief in Syria to His Highness the Amir Faisal and to Ja'far Pasha have caused His Majesty 's Government the liveliest satisfaction. The steps taken by You Majesty in this connection are only a token of the friendship of mutual sincerity which have always inspired the relations between the Government of Hejaz and His Majesty's Government. It would be superfluous to point out that the object aimed at by Turkey is to sow doubt and suspicion between the Allied Powers and those Arabs who, under Your Majesty's leadership and guidance, are striving nobly to recover their ancient freedom. The Turkish policy is to create dissension by luring the Arabs into believing that the Allied Powers have designs on the Arab countries, and by representing to the Allies that the Arabs might be made to renounce their aspirations. But such intrigues cannot succeed in sowing dissension among those whose minds are directed by a common purpose to a common end. 


His Majesty's Government and their allies stand steadfastly by every cause aiming at the liberation of the oppressed nations, and they are determined to stand by the Arab peoples in their struggle for the establishment of an Arab world in which law shall replace Ottoman injustice, and in which unity shall prevail over the rivalries artificially provoked by the policy of Turkish officials. His Majesty's Government re-affirm their former pledge in regard to the liberation of the Arab peoples. His  Majesty's Government have hitherto made it their policy to ensure that liberation, and it remains the policy they are determined unflinchingly to pursue by protecting such Arabs as are already liberated from all dangers and perils, and by assisting those who are still under the yoke of the tyrants to obtain their freedom.  Ends.




J.R. Bassett,




Acting British Agent,




Source:   The Arab Awakening, George Antonius, G P Putnam's Sons, 1946.