Adopted 10 July 1971.

The Union , its fundamental constituents and aims


We, the Rulers of the Emirates of Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Sharjah, Ajman, Umm AI Quwain and Fujairah (1):

Whereas it is our desire and the desire of the people of our Emirates to establish a Union between these Emirates, to promote a better life, more enduring stability and a higher international status for the Emirates and their people;

Desiring to create closer links between the Arab Emirates in the form of an independent, sovereign, federal state, capable of protecting its existence and the existence of its members, in co-operation with the sister Arab states and with all other friendly states which are members of the United Nations Organisation and of the family of nations in general, on a basis of mutual respect and reciprocal interests and benefits,

Desiring also to lay the foundation for federal rule in the coming years on a sound basis, corresponding to the realities and the capacities of the Emirates at the present time, enabling the Union, so far as possible, freely to achieve its goals, sustaining the identity of its members providing that this is not inconsistent with those goals and preparing the people of the Union at the same time for a dignified and free constitutional life, and progressing by steps towards a comprehensive, representative, democratic regime in an Islamic and Arab society free from fear and anxiety;

And whereas the realisation of the foregoing was our dearest desire, towards which we have bent our strongest resolution, being desirous of advancing our country and our people to the status of qualifying them to take appropriate place among civilised states and nations;

Ras El Khaimah joined the Union on the 10th of February 1972.

For all these reasons and until the preparation of the permanent Constitution for the Union may be completed, we proclaim before the Supreme and Omnipotent Creator, and before all the peoples, our agreement to this provisional Constitution, to which our signatures were appended, which shall be implemented during the transitional period indicated in it ;

May Allah, our Protector and Defender, grant us success

Constitutional Amendment No. (1) of 1996.

The federation supreme council, after perusing the Federation Temporary Constitution and the approval of the Cabinet, and Based on what was considered by the Federation Supreme Council and approved by the Cabinet and the Federal National Council and certified by the Federation Supreme Council, Resolved:

Article 1

The United Arab Emirates is an independent, sovereign , federal state and is referred to hereafter in this Constitution as the Union. The Union shall consist of the following Emirates;

Abu Dhabi – Dubai – Sharjah – Ajman – Umm Al Quwain – Fujairah – Ras Al Khaimah

Any other independent Arab country may join the Union provided that the Supreme Council agrees unanimously to this.

Article 2

The Union shall exercise sovereignty in matters assigned to it in accordance with this Constitution over all territory and territorial waters lying within the international boundaries of the member Emirates.

Article 3

The member Emirates shall exercise sovereignty over their own territories and territorial waters in all matters, which are not within the jurisdiction of the Union as assigned in this Constitution .

Article 4

The Union may not cede its sovereignty or relinquish any part of its territories or waters.

Article 5

The Union shall have a Flag , an Emblem and a National Anthem . The Flag and the Emblem shall be prescribed by Law Each Emirate shall retain its own flag for use within it is territories .

Article 6

The Union is a part of the Great Arab Nation to which it is bound by the ties of religion, language, history and common destiny .
The people of the Union are one people, and one part of the Arab Nation .

Article 7

Islam is the official religion of the Union. The Islamic Tiara's shall be a main source of legislation in the Union. The official language of the Union is Arabic .

Article 8

The citizens of the Union shall have a single nationality, which shall be prescribed by law. When abroad , they shall enjoy , the protection of the Union Government in accordance with accepted international principals .

No citizen of the Union may be deprived of his nationality nor may his nationality be withdrawn save in exceptional Circumstances, which shall be defined by law.

Article 9

1. The Capital of the Union shall be established in an area allotted to the Union by the Emirates of Abu Dhabi and Dubai on the borders between them and it shall be given the name ''Al Karama''.

2. There shall be allocated in the Union budget for the first year the amount necessary to cover the expenses of technical studies and planning for the Construction of the Capital . However, Construction work shall begin as soon as possible and shall be completed in not more than seven years from the date of entry into force of this Constitution.

3. Until the Construction of the Union Capital is complete, Abu Dhai shall be the provisional headquarters of the Union.

Article 10

The aims of the Union shall be the maintenance of its independence and sovereignty . The safeguard of its security and stability . The defence against any aggression upon its existence or the existence of its member states . The protection of the rights and liabilities of the people of the Union . The achievement of close co – operation between the Emirates for their common benefit in realising these aims and in promoting their prosperity and progress in all fields . The provision of a better life for all citizens together with respect by each emirate for the independence and sovereignty of the other Emirates in their internal affairs within the framework of this constitution.

Article 11

1. The Emirates of the Union shall form an economic and customs entity. Union laws shall regulate the progressive stages appropriate to the achievement of this entity.

2. The free movement of all capital and goods between the Emirates of the Union is guaranteed and may not be restricted except by a Union law.

3. All taxes fees, duties and tolls imposed on the movement of goods from one member emirate to the other shall be abolished

Article 12

The foreign policy of the Union shall be directed towards support for Arab and Islamic causes and interests and towards the consolidation of the bonds friendship and co- operation with all nations and peoples on the basis of the principles of the charter of the United Nations and ideal international standards.