Stories & Tales
The Adventurous Dress

Once upon a time, there was a beautiful, brightly colored dress made of soft fabric and in the show window of a boutique. Layla stood in front of the dress and told her father: “I want this dress for the feast day.” The father bought the dress for his daughter who returned home very happy. She put it in her wardrobe with the other dresses and said to herself: “The new dress is the most beautiful, I will wear it on the feast day and be the most beautiful girl in the quarter.” Layla slept and dreamed that she spun around and flew in the air wearing the new dress. 


Meanwhile, the new dress was thinking of another girl who had stood in front of the show window observing it before Layla bought it. It seemed that she really loved the dress but did not have any money to buy it. The dress felt very bad for the girl, so it said to itself: “Layla’s wardrobe is full of clothes, but the other girl stood in front of me wearing an old dress, it must have been her only dress. I have to leave this place and go to her before the feast day. I saw her standing by her house very sad and lonely when Layla was taking me here.”


The dress waited until Layla and her family fell asleep and went out of the wardrobe walking carefully in the dark until it reached to the house of the other girl. It found the door opened, so it entered quickly and closed it.


The girl was asleep and when the dress touched her face with its soft silk she woke up right away and did not believe what she saw. When she touched the dress, she jumped out of her bed and hugged, and kissed it saying: “Thank God! I will wear a beautiful dress on the feast day just like all the other girls.”


On the feast day, the girl walked happily on the street wearing her new dress. She played with her friends and turned around as if she was flying in the air. As for Layla, she looked for the new dress and when she did not find it, she said: “Thank God! I have some other dresses!” And she wore another dress for the feast day.


At night, the dress talked to itself all alone: “What about the other kids who do not have any dresses for the feast day, and who were never visited at night by an adventurous dress like me?”