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The Newspaper Boy

Once upon a time, there was a ten-year-old boy who used to stand on the corner of a busy street every morning to sell newspapers.


He was an intelligent, good-hearted and polite boy. Early each morning, he would walk along the city streets to leave a newspaper at the door of the houses he passed, and he would return at night to collect his money.
A beautiful girl walked by this boy every morning to buy a newspaper.


One day, she didn’t find him at his corner, and she thought he may have found a better corner on which to stand and sell his newspapers. But she remembered that he once told her that that corner of that street was the best place to sell newspapers.


“What could have happened?” she asked herself. “Maybe he is sick, or maybe something bad happened to his little brother,” she added.


The boy had told her that he was an orphan, and that he had a little brother. He was responsible for his younger brother, and used his earnings to pay for school books and clothes and shoes. For several days, the girl walked by that corner of the street, but still the boy had not returned.


One evening, she was standing by her window watching the heavy rain and listening to the scary boom of thunder. A strong wind blew and the trees bent in the wind and leaves and other light things scattered.


The girl wished she knew where the newspaper boy lived. Sad images started to cross her mind. She imagined that he and his little brother were sick, with no one beside them to take care of them. Tears tear streamed down her face, and she decided she had to find the boy and his brother.


She remembered him telling her once that he lived in a street to the west of the city where there were huts, and small shacks, and a big pine tree where he used to play when he was a child.


She put on her coat and with her older brother went out to search for the hut and search for the boy.


When they arrived in the western part of the city, and found the street with huts and shacks, they immediately saw the giant pine tree. They asked the first person they encountered where the boy lives, and they were shown to a small hut at the end of the street.


The girl and her brother knocked at the door, and then they entered.


They saw the newspaper boy sitting in an old bed and his little brother was sleeping beside him.


The girl asked: “Is your brother sick?”


He turned his face away and cried so hard, and the girl knew then that these two boys needed kindness and help. She told her brother to carry the little brother, and invited the newspaper boy to come to her house and stay.


There he would take care of his little brother until he recovered.


The boy agreed and went to the girl"s house where he felt warmth and comfort for the first time in his life. Soon, the little brother recovered and started to go to school again.


As for the newspaper boy, he returned to his corner of the street, and began to sell newspapers again. The boys did not return to the hut, for the beautiful girl offered them a small room in her house.


Later, the boy started to go to an evening school and started to learn and to become confident about his life. He often said proudly: "There are no bad jobs, there are only bad people."