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Sinnimar’s Reward

Once upon a time, a king called Al Naaman wanted to build a great castle that he would boast of among the other kings.
The king asked about the architects and builders in his kingdom, and found that the best one was an architect named Sinnimar.


The king called for Sinnimar who came to meet him. The king said : “I called for you to build me a castle that no one has ever witnessed the likes of before.” “I will give you a great reward if you can build it,” he added.


Sinnimar said : “I am honored to build a castle for you. It will be a unique castle.” “However it will cost you a lot and I will need a thousand skilled builders,” he added.


The king said : “If you finish building the castle as soon as possible you will get anything you wish for.”


Sinnimar spent many days and nights working with his assistants on the castle’s design. He chose a great location on a river. The construction lasted many consecutive years.


Once the castle’s was ready, Sinnimar invited the king to see it. The king was happy and couldn’t wait to see his new castle. When he saw it, he liked it a lot and thanked Sanmar for his effort, skill and technique saying : “It’s such a great and majestic castle. You deserve a great reward.”


A few days later, the king moved to his new castle and called for Sanmar to walk with him and show him its rooms and halls. After having wandered around the castle, they went to the roof. It was very high and the scenery was beautiful from afar.


The king asked Sinnimar : “Is there any castle like this one ? “


Sinnimar answered : “No, master.”


“Is there any other builder who can build such a great castle ?” the king asked.


Sinnimar said : “No, master.”


The king thought for a while and said to himself : “As long as Sanmar is alive, he will build more beautiful castles. There is only one solution.”


The king ordered some of his soldiers to throw Sanmar from the castle’s roof.


Sinnimar fell from up high and died right away.


That was Sinnimar’s reward for his great work, and that is why we say they have received "Sinnimar’s reward" of all those who are victims of injustice.