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The Arrogant Wolf and the Clever Ewe

Once upon a time, a wolf lived in a deserted forest. He roamed the woods and attacked all the animals he encountered. He also bothered everyone with his unpleasant howling.


"I am hungry. I want to eat," yelled the wolf.


His voice resonated around the forest into the valleys where the shepherds could hear it. "What a scary voice! Even the wild animals close their ears anytime they hear the wolf"s cry, Shut up wolf," called a Shepard.


However, the wolf kept howling and said: "How beautiful my voice is! It"s the most beautiful voice in the forest! I am hungry and sleepy, but I can"t find anything to eat."


A little fox saw the wolf and asked him: "What are you doing here?"


"I am waiting," said the wolf.


"What are you waiting for?" asked the fox.


The wolf replied: "I am waiting to find something to eat." "What are you holding between your jaws?"


"It"s a hen, can"t you see?" replied the fox.


The wolf asked: "Where did you get it from? I am starving."


"Don"t you know there is a lot of food near you? How can you stand up here waiting for your prey to pass by, while the plain next to the river is full of sheep."


"Sheep? What sheep?" asked the wolf, and he went to investigate.


Sure enough, the wolf lived next to a plane full of grazing sheep. Each time he felt hungry, he preyed upon an ewe.


One day, the wolf noticed that the sheep grazed without any shepherds or dogs, so he attacked the herd and captured an ewe.


The ewe began to plead with the wolf.


"What do you want?" asked the wolf.


The ewe replied: "Can you do me a favor before you kill me?"


"What favor?" asked the wolf.


The ewe answered: "Do me and my friends a favor that we will never forget."


"Do you expect a favor from a wolf?" said the wolf.


The ewe replied: "The thing is that we love singing and need a singer. All what we"re asking you to do is to sing with us."


"You want me to sing?!" asked the wolf.


The ewe replied: "Yes sir, it"s easy for you. You are a famous singer. We hear your voice every night and cannot sleep."


"You can"t sleep because of my voice?" asked the wolf.


"Yes," said the ewe.


The wolf asked the ewe: "Does my voice scare you ?"


"Very much," replied the ewe.


The wolf said: "Poor you ! I pity you now."


"Would you sing with us before you eat us?" asked the ewe.


The wolf replied: "Of course. You broke my heart."


And they started singing all together.


At that moment, the people, shepherds and dogs rushed to the place of the sheep and attacked the wolf, thanks to the intelligence and the courage of the ewe.