The First Wife's Revenge

Once there was a man who married a second wife. The first wife was terribly upset on the wedding night when she thought of her husband lying with another woman and enjoying himself. She said to herself, Am I going to let him enjoy himself without taking my re¬venge?

She took a scythe and went out into his fields. She let down her hair and began to cut down the fields of grain, and, as she cut the grain, her long hair flew back and forth in rhythm with the strokes of the scythe. She cut, and cut, and cut. The peasants saw her and wondered whether it was a human being or a jinni chopping down the wheat. Stop, stop, they called out.

She replied, I won"t stop.

So it went on. Stop. I won"t stop. Stop. I won"t stop. And she cut
away at the grain.

The peasants went to the owner and said, Come and see what is in the wheat field. We don"t know whether it is a human being or a demon.

The owner came out and found that a good part of the crop was
gone. What are you doing? He asked his wife.

Do you think you are going to hurt me and that I won"t hurt you? Do you think that you can break my heart and that I won"t burn yours? I am going to cut down more and more of your green wheat.

The owner was forced to take his first wife back to her room and spend the night with her calming her down. After that he took a sec¬ond house for his second wife and spent one night with each wife in turn and so he satisfied them both.